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While I was listening to the radio last week, the speaker made a fantastic point about prayer. As the disciples followed Jesus, they never asked Him to teach them to perform miracles. They never said, “Hey, Jesus, would you teach us how to do signs and wonders?” But they did ask Jesus to teach them how to pray:
One day Jesus was praying in a certain place. When he finished, one of his disciples said to him, “Lord, teach us to pray …” -Luke 11:1a
The disciples could have asked Jesus to teach them to do anything. Why prayer? Why not something more practical, such as helping others through healing? Why not ask Him how to point others to God through the performing of miracles? The speaker on the radio concluded that the disciples understood that prayer was the power behind the miracles. Prayer was the vehicle that connected everyday life to the power of God. In other words: no prayer, no signs and wonders. That’s amazing.
If Jesus Himself, God in the flesh, saw the value of prayer – and if Jesus’ own disciples saw how indispensable prayer was to their everyday lives – shouldn’t we also place an extremely high value on prayer? Shouldn’t prayer be something that we engage in, consistently and passionately? The truth is that prayer changes things. Prayer changes us. Prayer is one of those vital links connecting us with Almighty God.
Prayer is the power behind defeating your temptations.
Prayer is the power behind intimacy with God.
Prayer is the power behind making wise decisions.
Prayer is the power behind a life full of fear or a life full of faith.
Prayer is the power behind hearing from God.
Let’s take a cue from the disciples. Open up Luke 11 and see how Jesus answered the disciples’ request to “teach us to pray.”
Learning to pray with you,
Pastor Kenneth
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