10-7-2019 – e-News

I was inspired by these thoughts from Pastor John Burke:
“I find most people have a very distorted view of God. We get the idea that God is big, powerful, and distant; somehow less loving, less kind, less personal, less caring or empathetic than we are. That’s crazy! If you view God that way, do you realize the absurdity of that thought? God created us; we are lesser, he’s greater. We cannot be more compassionate and caring than God no matter how hard we try. Yet hurting people don’t often believe God feels our pain until someone, changed by God’s compassionate love, demonstrates his heart.”
I love this! As followers of Jesus, we have the unique ability to shape how people view God by essentially allowing God to shape us! As God molds us, shapes us, prunes us, and works in our lives we become people He can use to touch the lives of others. As the scripture points out, God wants to do something to us (save us), something in (sanctify us), and something through us (send us). How could this look? It might look like …
Offering food to the hungry Being a friend willing to listen before trying to fix a friend’s pain Loving your kids well Serving someone who doesn’t have the ability to return the favor. Making space in your schedule to simply be with God Writing/phoning an old friend just to let them know you’re thinking about them. Saying no to something so you can say yes to doing something with your spouse
In John 13;35, Jesus says, “By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.” Who needs your love today?
Learning to love with you,
Pastor Kenneth
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