2-28-2019 – e-News

There’s something really wonderful about having the chance to reconnect with friends.
Last night, I experienced this threefold. First, I found myself enjoying face-to-face conversation with our kiddos at Club KiX. I know I see them multiple times a week – but as I joked around with them and caught up on what was new, I found myself sincerely grateful for the opportunity to be in each other’s lives.
Secondly, I stopped by my mailbox that evening and found a piece of “snail mail” from my dear friend Kindra. Kindra is a college friend who now lives in Amsterdam with her family. I loved seeing her familiar handwriting and reading a quick word from her.
Finally, I had a message waiting for me from my best friend’s 10-year-old daughter on my phone when I got home, asking if we could talk. I’m grateful for modern conveniences like iPhones and FaceTime that allow me to virtually speak face-to-face with my friend’s kids.
In this fast-paced world of busy schedules and constant distraction, there’s something refreshing about times of connection. That’s one of the reasons why our Family Ministries Team is excited to partner with Johnny Braswell and company on this year’s Fish Fry.
This year, our Fish Fry is designed to be a “family reunion” of sorts for Parkgate. We want to provide our church community, young and old and everyone in between, with the chance to interact over some good food and fun lawn games.
Plan now to join us on Saturday, March 23 here at the church, out under the pavilion. We’re asking for everyone to pitch-in. Community Groups are being asked to provide a handful of side dishes and desserts (leaders will receive an e-mail from Pastor Kenneth soon). We’re also asking for donations, which you can sign up to bring by clicking the button below.
Looking forward to reconnecting together!
Pastor Chelsea
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