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A Note from Pastor Jim
Last Sunday, I shared about a very exciting spiritual growth journey we are going on beginning Sunday, March 3. It’s called The Kingdom.
The Kingdom is designed for us to dive deeply together into the Gospel of Matthew during the seven weeks leading up to Easter. We’ve joined with 13 other sister churches around the country to put this together and pull it off.
There are four key components to The Kingdom journey: JOURNAL: A journal is a simple tool intended to bring about a regular rhythm, or habit, in our lives. The purpose isn’t simply to complete the journal, but rather to allow the journal to open a conduit between us and God. And that conduit could become an opportunity for the Spirit to transform our hearts, minds and souls.
DISCIPLESHIP: Discipleship is an apprenticeship of sorts. In the Christian faith, for the past 2,000 years, disciples have been those who have looked to Jesus as the Lord of their lives. Disciples have wanted to speak like Jesus, hear like Jesus, see like Jesus and act like Jesus. The aforementioned journal is an attempt to help us become more aware of and respond to the Spirit of Jesus leading our lives. The goal is to become more committed disciples of Jesus who are, in turn, making new disciples along the way.
COMMUNITY: The best way to journey with Jesus is within a community. While you may engage this journal alone in the mornings or evenings, don’t stop there. Gather regularly with a community for corporate worship. And gather regularly with a Community Group of others who are on this journey with you. If you aren’t in a Community Group yet, this is a great time to join one. You could even invite one or two others who aren’t part of our church to dialogue with you about this journal. Your perspective and understanding will grow as you have open, honest conversations within the context of a group.
JESUS: At the center of it all is Jesus. If we miss Jesus in the rhythms and activities of our lives, we miss everything. We’re excited to be on this journey with you, and trust that God’s Spirit will work in us and through us as we continue to follow Jesus. (Adapted from The Kingdom journal)
I believe that your engagement on The Kingdom journey could change your life, your family and the future of our church! That’s what a deep, Holy Spirit-inspired study of God’s Word will do with a group of people.
Journals are designed for IMPACT students and adults.
Each journal costs $5, but if money is an issue for you, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered!
Journals will be availble beginning Sunday, February 24.
Excited to see all that God will do!
Pastor Jim
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