7-11-2019 – e-News

This past Sunday, I made a passing comment in my message about God having a sense of humor.
Let me tell you once again, He really, truly does.
Many of us have had our eyes glued to the weather reports, trying to decipher whether or not we’re going to be hit by Tropical Storm Barry this weekend. Most people are thinking about how to prepare and praying for no substantial damage. I’m over here thinking, “But we have to set up for Vacation Bible School!”
I found myself in a spiral of worry and anxiety shortly thereafter – what if we have to cancel our VBS Decorating Day? What if it’s too stormy to even have VBS? What if, what if, what if, what if, what if …
Finally, I decided there really wasn’t anything I could do about it and I just needed to get back to work. So, I went to finish our Sunday lesson for KiX Worship. The subject? Jesus calming the storm.
Ah, irony. One of God’s many forms of humor.
The “Main Thing” for this lesson – that is, the big idea we want our kids to take home with them – is, “When things get rough in life, you can ask Jesus for help.” The more I worked on the lesson, the calmer my own internal storm became. “Okay, God, thanks … ” I thought.
Then it was on to another lesson, this time for our upper elementary Learning Hour class. The topic? God answering prayer, even in ways we don’t necessarily understand or expect.
“Okay, God, I GET IT!” I thought with a chuckle.
It is so easy for me to get caught up in worry and to play the “What if?” game. I believe God can use worry for good in our lives, but I also believe that we all too often allow it to run our lives. Don’t get me wrong – I’m all for preparing any potential storms that may come our way. What I’m not for is spending time in a spiral of worry and anxiety over things I cannot control.
I cannot control the storms in my life, literal or figurative. Only God can do that. But I can control how I choose to respond to them. So, today, I’m choosing to trust that whatever weather comes my way this weekend – or any day, for that matter – God’s still got it. He’s still in control, He’s still good, He’s still to be trusted.
Pastor Chelsea
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