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My wife Ari and I went on holiday to England a few years back. As we were walking around, we came across a band playing in the middle of the road. They were quite good, and we even bought a CD. They had a Celtic, bluegrass sound.
The band had attracted a crowd of people who formed a semicircle, with kids dancing and hopping to the music. As I was watching the band, my attention turned from the kids dancing to a man, who, on the far side of the semicircle, was also dancing near the kids. This man was clearly drunk, but it was also very clear that the music stirred his soul. Those who saw him laughed, for he was making a fool of himself.
I found myself a little envious of him. I was actually jealous of the freedom he had. Though it was alcohol-induced and coupled with horrible rhythm, he had something I didn’t. He had the freedom to express the stirring of his soul, and he danced despite what others thought, despite the fact that he couldn’t dance, and despite the fact that the only other people dancing were little children. He still danced.
The music stirred my soul, too, and I wanted to dance, but all I could muster was a “toe tap.” He had a freedom that I wanted to express but couldn’t. Why couldn’t I dance? Why do I take myself so seriously? Why does it matter so much what other people think? Or better questions:
How can I change? How can I be free to dance?
God has truly stirred my soul. He has given me life, grace, and a million other blessings that I do not deserve and could never earn. He is always faithful, always kind, always good, always in control, and always there. His great love that motivated His famous sacrifice stirs my soul, and I want to shout out and dance and worship God with all I have. I want to bow down, jump up, sing loudly, be still, and tell the whole world what Jesus has done for me. But more often than not, I hold back. I restrain myself. I muster up the equivalent of a toe tap and hope that it’s good enough.
But it’s not good enough. Passionate worship is the natural response of a heart that’s been touched and set free by Jesus’ saving grace. When I gave my life to Jesus as a teenager, no one told me to worship God; it came naturally. No one had to tell me to share the good news about Jesus because it naturally poured out.
So my challenge to you (and myself) is simply this: when God stirs your soul, don’t hold back what wants to come out!
Worshiping Him with you! Pastor Kenneth
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