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I hope the vision of our church is seeping into your heart and mind more and more as the weeks and months go by. As Jesus gave His life for us, we give our lives for others in our community and world. Jesus mission was to give His life for us to save us from sin and death once and for all. When we are in Christ, our mission is simply an extension of His. We announce and make visible the reality of what Jesus has done in us, what He is doing in us today and what we know He will do for all of those who are in Him one day.
We believe that we live out that vision in three simple ways: LOVE GOD. LOVE PEOPLE. LOVE NOW.
That means sharing the Gospel in word and deed personally in all kinds of ways in all of our different individual contexts. It also means doing so together, locally and throughout the world.
Every October we turn our attention to highlighting some of the ways we share together when we talk about Faith Promise. Through our Faith Promise projects, we help to fund the work of missionaries in different parts of the world. We work to educate and train new leaders for local churches. We help confront sex trafficking in the US and globally. We aid refugees who live in crisis. We help pregnant mothers, women and children escaping violence and so much more.
Next Sunday, October 6th, we are inviting you to the Faith Promise experience from 6-7 pm. There you will hear all about what God is doing through these important projects. Not only that, you will get to hear firsthand from Kara Junck, one of our missionaries in Western Europe. In addition, you will hear from some of our own family who are heading to England for the first time in about a month and others who have been faithful to work with Community Pregnancy Center of Pasadena. As a special treat, you will even get to sample some foods from around the world to get a “taste” of life there. It’s a night you won’t want to miss!
Then, on Sunday October 13th, we will come together as a church faithfully and prayerfully ready to “promise” our support for these important projects. While we obediently tithe to support our church’s ministry, we also partner together and trust God to provide us with the extra resources for be a part of His mission around the world. How?
· Some intentionally give up something to have extra money to “promise.”
· Some “promise” to give out of unexpected money like tax returns and gifts.
· Some “promise” out of the blessings God gives them of a raise or a bonus from work.
· Others simply “promise” by adjusting their budgets to make this commitment.
Make no mistake, this isn’t a pledge or a bill, but a “faith promise” to share in these projects as God guides you. Then you simply give as He provides.
I hope you are as excited as I am to be a part of God’s work far beyond our walls.
May God bless all of us and make us generous and ready to share!
Pastor Jim
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