A Message about Faith Promise

66 years ago, eight bold risk-takers met for worship in a garage for the first time! Their dream was to start a church to reach people for Christ in Pasadena, Texas. In 1951, they had no idea how our community would grow, develop, and look in 2017. But they were visionaries, buying our current property in 1973 before this area was even developed. For 22 years they worshipped, prayed, worked and sacrificed until the church finally moved in 1995.
In 2013, a whole new stream of life flowed into our family when we joined forces with Burke Road Church! Now, four years later, we have formed one distinct spiritual family to better fulfill the one mission Jesus gave us! Since that time 39 people have been baptized, four international and five domestic mission trips have taken place, and new ministries have been launched to reach every aspect of our community-from children and their families, to people looking to learn English, to women trapped in sex trafficking. And there’s much, much more! We even began a second worship service to allow space for new families and ensure we have enough space for all the different groups that meet. There is life in our church and God is being honored every step of the way!
It is impossible to quantify the number of people who have received new life in Christ over the past 66 years. Even more seeds were planted and watered. During that time, some have been released to ministry or to the mission field. Countless others have touched innumerable lives in Jesus’ name!
Without our church, there would be a distinct spiritual gap in our community – but with our church living and reaching its full redemptive potential, the possibilities of being used by God are endless!
  • As Jesus gave His life for us, we give our lives for others in our community and world.
  • We want to LOVE GOD with the totality of our being!
  • We want to LOVE PEOPLE as Jesus loved them!
  • We want to LOVE NOW because God placed us at this moment in time for a purpose!
On Sunday, April 9, our church will embark on a six-week spiritual journey called Generation Next. I trust this campaign will begin writing the next chapter in reaching our community for Christ.
Our theme verse for this journey is Psalm 78:4:We will tell the next generation the praiseworthy deeds of the Lord, his power, and the wonders he has done.
The Psalmist knew they needed to pass on the truth of who God is and what He has done so that the next generation would know the Lord and faithfully follow Him too. We need to do the same!
Our actions together on this God-honoring journey will require us to be just as bold as the eight people with a dream to start a new church in 1951, just as bold as the young church that sacrificed to buy 12 acres in 1973, just as bold as the people who gave to move there in 1995 and just as bold as the people who came together as one distinct spiritual family in 2013.
Being bold for the sake of Christ is why all of that happened – and being bold for the sake of Christ is what is required of us now. Expanding our facilities today will make us better equipped to pursue our vision giving our lives for our community. It will require great sacrifice of time and resources from all of us, but the blessing we will receive for our boldness is incalculable.
That is why we are asking you for your help, support and prayers as we move forward together. Our actions now will impact our church’s redemptive potential for decades to come. We are inviting you to invest in Generation Next and to join us on this spiritual journey that will bless countless numbers of people and leave you with the greatest blessing of all – knowing that you have been used by God to reach our community for Christ!