Generation Next Frequently Asked Questions

What is Generation Next?

It’s a 3-year Capital Funds Initiative to expand our facility with new spaces for our children and student ministries as well as additional space and parking for the whole church.


Why are we doing this?

To provide much needed space to reach the children, students, and families of our community, while better equipping us for the future ministry opportunities God will bring us.


What is total cost of the project?



What is our goal?

Since we already have $450,000 in savings for the project, we need to raise $600,000 in additional funds.


How long does the campaign last?

While construction should be complete by the end of the year, fundraising will take 3 years.


What role do you need me to play?

Great question!  We need you to . . .
  1. fully support this spiritual journey our church is taking together by participating fully in every aspect of the campaign.
  2. pray earnestly for God to move in our church, for us to better reach our community for Christ and for God to reveal where your family should sacrifice to support the campaign.
  3. generously support the campaign with a 3-year commitment over and above your regular tithes, offerings and Faith Promise gifts.


When will I make my commitment?

We will share our pledges together on Commitment Sunday, May 7.