Go Ahead, Ask Me Anything

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Question 1
In this message, Pastor Jim answers the following questions:
1. Do you bring your sermons from memory?
2. Is the phrase “Oh my God” taking God’s name in vain as in the first commandment?
3. YWHW, the name of our God, is in the Bible over 6,000 times, but the church never uses the name God tells us to call him. Why?
4. Please explain the Trinity. Scripture seems to depict 3 distinct people, but we are very clear about there being only one God. How do we merge these two thoughts without making each member of the Trinity a piece of God?
5. Please discuss salvation and baptism. I believe salvation is through faith alone – a gift from God. Baptism is an outward show of that faith & relationship.
6. What happens to people who pass away that haven’t heard the Gospel?
7. Why do we keep doing the same things in very much the same ways, and expect something to really change?
8. What do you do when you know you have strayed from the path, and want to walk with the Lord again?
9. Explain God forgiving and forgetting our sins vs. God reviewing with us everything we have said or done.
10. I know that good works without grace doesn’t work, what about those who claim forgiveness without good works?
11. (Reworded) Please explain why Parkgate has a Senior Pastor/Leadership Team model of government instead of an elder/deacon model?
12. (Reworded) Brittany Maynard was a young woman with incurable brain cancer that ended her own life. Assuming she is a Christian, what awaits her? Is she received into heaven? Is suicide just another sin?
13. Please discuss and explain the “rapture” concept of Christian teachings.
14. When we die will we stay in Heaven forever or will we someday return to earth with Jesus and live here?