How to Follow Jesus in a Turbulent World

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Question 1
In this message Pastor Jim answers the following questions:
1. I saw an experiment where people reacted with horror and disgust at verses purportedly from the Koran but actually pulled from the Bible. How should Christians respond to the charge that the Bible encourages violence and misogyny (ingrained prejudice against women) in the same way that the Koran does?
2. I am asked too often why does God allow so much tragedy. How do I answer that question more substantially where the answer will influence relationship with God?
3. What is the purpose of the current nation of Israel? Is it still the promised land of the Bible, a historical place, or just an ally to be used to stop Muslims? Are there faithful Jews still living there?
4. With the threat of terrorists posing as refugees, how should we approach the influx of Syrian refugees – open love or skepticism?