Truth and Light Ministry

Many are struggling and seeking relief from emotional turmoil, spiritual darkness, and conflictual relationships. The TLM is a counseling and “inner healing” ministry to help adults, children, and relationships that are dealing with such issues. Our intent is to provide a safe and comfortable place where people can rest in God’s presence and come to Him in a deep way.
The TLM is directed by Vicki Junck, a Licensed Professional Counselor and a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist.  We offer appointments to individuals, couples, and families at no cost.
Inner healing is simply healing at the heart and soul level. It is not fancy and there are no “way out” techniques. It is seeking truth within one’s “inner being” like Ps. 51:6 tells us to do, and being freed by knowing that truth in Jesus as Jn. 8:32 says. At its core, it is just looking to know in a truthful and transparent way what is in one’s heart and soul (in “truth and light”) so that what is there can then be given to Jesus to heal.
The effectiveness of inner healing work comes from both the natural healing process that occurs whenever emotional pain and memories are addressed and released, and from the power of Jesus over darkness when what has been hidden is exposed and given to Him to heal. While the reasons for distressful feelings and relationships can be varied and may be medical and situational as well as emotional and spiritual, individual inner healing is one highly effective way to reduce a person’s level of emotional pain and spiritual distress. When that is reduced, relationships with others and with God can become more intimate and healthier, and a person is able to more fully carry out whatever kingdom work God is leading them to do.
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