Why Now?


Our Call to Action: Our community is experiencing a time of growth and vitality, but that numerical growth does not equal spiritual growth and vitality.  Sadly, we can see the opposite happening.  Too many young people are growing up without a relationship with Jesus and without a church to point them to Him.  Too many adults are going through life thirsting after empty idols that will only leave them more and more empty.  They don’t yet know who God has created them to be and how they can find satisfaction in Jesus.  Too many seniors remain isolated in their homes without a real friend or a community or knowledge of a Savior.

Our Proposal: We are proposing two additions on each wing of our church building to give us the additional space we need to address the needs of our children and student ministries, while freeing up space for expansion of other ministry opportunities.  The total addition will be approximately 7,320 sq. feet of space along with about 80 new parking spaces and a new entrance from Preston Ave.  The largest addition of 4,160 sq. feet will allow our children’s ministry a large space in which to flourish, while also making it possible for us to have large group meals and meetings outside of our sanctuary.  The second addition of 3,120 sq. feet will be perfect for our student ministry to expand in many ways.  And the additional parking will make it possible for all of our staff and volunteers to park on our own lot again and ensure that we will never have to turn anyone away because there is no place for them to park.


Our Cost: The total cost of the project is $1,019,000.  Because of the sale of the Burke Road building we already have $450,000 in reserves that we are prepared to commit to the project.  That means we need to raise about $600,000 in additional funds over the next three years.


Our Reasoning: Because these people need Jesus, and we need to be better equipped to reach them!  Today we have over 30 kids meeting in a room that was only designed for a Sunday School class. They need adequate space to learn and grow.  Today our student ministry has outgrown their main room and must use another room across the hall.  They need additional space to be able to rally together and welcome new students.  Today we cannot have a meal or a large gathering without using our sanctuary and all the labor and wear and tear that goes with it.  We need more parking during our peak service times.  We need expanded room for new ministries to our community that are just dreams today, but can then be reality in the future.

So, why now? Because if we wait, the costs will only increase . . . the cost of not having space for a new guest to park and having to turn them away . . . the cost of a missed opportunity to expand our ministry to children and students . . . the cost of not having space for new adult classes to meet . . . the cost of having to say no to serving our community because we lack the facility to do so . . . the cost of not being able to have a God-given dream take shape because we just have to wait that much longer . . . and, of course, the cost of just having prices continue to rise with time.

We believe that through this campaign, children and students will find Christ! So will their parents!  So will lonely seniors!  And many more!    


Our Invitation: In the Spring of 2017, we launched our 3 year Capital Funds Initiative called Generation Next.  The purpose of this campaign is simple: To equip us to better reach the children and students of our community as well as their families while providing us with the space we need for all the ministry opportunities God will bring us in the future.

That is why we are asking you today for your help, support and prayers as we boldly move forward together.  What we do right now will impact our church’s redemptive potential for decades to come.  We are inviting you to invest in Generation Next and to join us on a spiritual journey of a lifetime that will bless countless numbers of people, and leave you with the greatest blessing of all . . . knowing that you have been used by God to reach our community for Christ!