The Israelite people had a problem. They’d finally reached the Promised Land but had forgotten the One who made their arrival there possible in the first place.

Instead of remaining faithful to the One True God, the Israelites turned to the idols of neighboring nations.

The people had forgotten all God had done in the past.

That caused them to turn away in the present, worshiping fake gods and rebelling.

The consequence for their rebellion was that enemies constantly attacked. Now their future was looking pretty bleak.

But then God sends a new kind of leader – a judge. With God’s help, the judges rescued the people from whatever enemies they faced and all would be peaceful for a while, but then …

Join us at Kingless, a totally unique Vacation Bible School experience written specifically for Parkgate Community Church. Kids will travel back in time to ancient Israel. As they meet different judges under the palm tree, create handmade goods at the marketplace, and ready for battle through high energy games at Training Camp, they’ll see the Bible come to life and how God, the King of Kings, uses ordinary people like us to do his extraordinary work.

Vacation Bible School is for children age 3 (by July 1) through entering 6th grade this fall. (We do ask that all attendees be potty trained.) This fun, free week is happening July 19 – 23 from 6:30 – 8:45 p.m. at Parkgate Community Church. Register to attend or serve by clicking the corresponding button below!
Interested in donating towards VBS? Amazon Gift Cards can be given to Pastor Chelsea directly or mailed to the church.