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Parkgate Community Church is a Christ Centered family focusing on spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ through love, service, and community.  

We strive to be a church that does the things that Jesus would do and says the things that Jesus would say.

We yearn to be a people of warm and gracious acceptance to everyone just as they are, but also a place that calls people forward to the way, the truth and the life found only in Jesus, journeying with them every step of the way.

If you are open to the things of God, searching for spiritual truth or seeking a church family to worship and serve with, please come join us.

You are very welcome here!

We are all on a journey of discovery on this road we call life. Come discover with us. We’ve learned that life is better together!


Sunday Service Times

9:00am & 10:45am (Sunday Services are for all ages and include an attended nursery)

Stay Connected

Relational Rehab
We don’t have to look very far to find broken relationships in and around us. People hurt us. Fights gets so viscous that people don’t speak anymore. If you have different opinions than some people they won’t talk to you. Some use manipulation or guilt to get their way. And let’s not forget that person who you always have to walk on eggshells with. It’s exhausting!
But God’s Word offers us hope and answers to make it through these situations so we can live confident and at peace with Him. In this new series – Relationship Rehab – you will find answers for how to get healthy again . . . or for the first time!

Upcoming Events

October 19 – Pastor’s Prayer Time (8am)
October 19 – Club KiX (7-8pm)
October 19 – IMPACT Student (7-8pm)
October 20 – One Way Singles (5:30pm)
October 21 – Pastor’s Bible Study (Noon)
October 21 – Devoted– Young Adult (7:30pm)
October 22 – Nursing Home (10-10:30am)
October 22 –Faith in Action (8am)
October 23 –Family Fall Fast (4-6pm)
October 26 – Pastor’s Prayer Time (8am)
October 26 – Club KiX (7-8pm)
October 26 – IMPACT Student (7-8pm)
October 27 – One Way Singles (5:30pm)
October 28 – Pastor’s Bible Study (Noon)
October 28 – Devoted– Young Adult (7:30pm)
October 30 – Nacho Bar Fundraiser (noon)
October 28-30 –Men’s Retreat
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For more information on any of these upcoming events click here or contact the church office at 281-487-4283