As Jesus gave His life for us, we give our lives for others in our community and world.

At Parkgate Community Church, we want to be a church that does what Jesus would do and says what he would say.
We yearn to be a people of warm and gracious acceptance to everyone just as they are – but also a place that calls people forward to the way, the truth, and the life found only in Jesus. We want to journey with people every step of the way.
If you are open to the things of God, searching for spiritual truth, or seeking a church family to worship and serve with, please come join us.

Love God.

Love People.

Love Now.



Grace is a word that most of us have heard before. We have talked about. We know what it means – or at least we think we do – and it doesn’t feel very amazing. It feels impossible or cheap.
But grace really is amazing! It pays for your sin, overcomes your circumstances, heals your hurts, redeems your failures, breaks the power of stale religion and so much more. Grace is compelling when explained and life changing when experienced. It’s time to experience how grace is greater . . .


May 19 – Spanish Service (10:45 a.m.)
May 21 – Crafting Club (10 a.m.)
May 22 – IMPACT Student Ministry (7 p.m.)
May 22 – Club KiX (7 p.m.)
May 23 – One Way Singles Ministry (6 p.m.)
May 23 – Spanish Bible Study (6 p.m.)
May 24 – Pastor’s Bible Study (Noon)
May 25 – Nursing Home Service (10 a.m.)
May 26 – Spanish Service (10:45 a.m.)
May 29 – IMPACT Student Ministry (7 p.m.)
May 29 – Club KiX (7 p.m.)
May 30 – One Way Singles Ministry (6 p.m.)
May 30 – Spanish Bible Study (6 p.m.)
May 31 – Pastor’s Bible Study (Noon)
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click here to contact the church office or call us at 281-487-4283.