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Love God. Love People. Love Now.

Loving Jesus and making Him known.

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Welcome to Parkgate

At Parkgate Community Church, we want to be a church that looks like Jesus.
We desire to welcome everyone just as they are – while also calling people forward to the way, the truth, and the life found only in Jesus. 

We want to journey with people every step of the way! Join us Sundays at 9 & 10:45 a.m.

Current Sermon Series: Beginning with Jesus

Have you ever buttoned up a shirt or coat, only to discover the top buttons were off –  that they don’t align? If you have, you know if the top button doesn’t match, then the other buttons won’t match either – and the whole shirt will look funny.

It’s kind of like that with Jesus. If we begin with Jesus and get Jesus right, everything else will fall into its proper place. But if we get Jesus wrong, or are out of alignment with Him, things in our lives won’t match as they should. Our marriages will be off-kilter, our sense of worth may be found in the wrong things, or our faith won’t be as vibrant as it could be. That’s why we start with Jesus.

Annual Report Now Available

In preparation for our annual meetings, we’ve released our 2023 Annual Report. This isn’t your average report – it’s a celebration of all God has done in and through our church this past calendar year! Download a copy by clicking the button below or contact the office for a printed version.